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VPN Management
Status Monitoring
  • VPN concentrator interface status (Up/Down)
Performance Monitoring
  • Interface utilization (Input/Output traffic)
  • IErrors on the interface (Input/Output errors)
  • IPacket discards on the Interface (Input/Output discards)
  • ICPU utilization (Five minutes average utilization)
  • IMemory utilization (Free and total memory)
Log Monitoring
  • Monitor syslog to report errors and provide fixes to known errors
Configuration Management
  • Add/Modify routes in the VPN concentrator.
  • Manage users and groups
  • Backup of configuration
  • Defining access hours for users
  • Allocation of BW
  • Specifying the URL’s that can be accessed on the intranet
  • Configuration of VPN tunnels
  • Configure tunneling protocols
  • Configure authentication method
  • Configuration management Allocation of IP pools
  • Configuring load balancing of concentrator’s in case of multiple Devices
Performance Management
  • Monitor/Analyze and fix problems due to
  • High input/output traffic
  • Excess CPU utilization
  • High memory utilization
Back-up and Administration
  • Carry out IOS upgrades on the VPN Concentrator
  • Take backups of configuration files
  • Periodic restoration of configuration files
Vendor Management
  • Coordinate with vendors and providers for New IOS upgrades
  • VPN Concentrator hardware failures
  • Keep track of contracts and warranty expiries