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Switch Management
Status Monitoring
  • Switch port status (Up/Down)
Performance Monitoring
  • Port utilization (Input/Output traffic)
  • Port errors (Input/Output errors)
  • Packet discards on the Port (Input/Output discards)
  • CPU utilization (Five minutes average utilization)
  • Memory utilization (Free and total memory)
Incident Monitoring
  • Performance threshold violations
  • Management
Switch Configuration Management
  • Switch port configuration – Enabling/Disabling
  • Add/modify/delete access lists
  • Switch configuration backups
Performance Management
  • Monitor/Analyze and fix problems due to Memory and CPU utilization and port errors
Problem Management
  • Monitor, record, classify and resolve problems
  • Carry out comprehensive problem analysis
  • Enable/Disable ports and restart to provide workarounds
Change Management
  • Identify, record, classify and implement changes on the switch on a need basis
  • All changes will be executed after an approval of the downtime is given by client
Vendor Management
  • Coordinate with vendors for Hardware installation and upgrades and support failures