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Mail Server Management
Status Monitoring
  • Mail server status (Up/Down)
  • SMTP status
  • IMAP/POP3 status
Performance Monitoring
  • SMTP response (Port response)
  • IMAP/POP3 response (Port response)
  • Concurrent SMTP/POP3/IMAP connections
  • Queue Size
  • Number of incoming and outgoing mails per day
  • Mail store disk space
  • Load Average & Swapping
User Management
  • Mailbox management quota modification
  • Policy management for users
  • Address book management
  • Moving mailboxes of users to different mail stores
Start and Stop Services
  • Microsoft Exchange Information store
  • Microsoft Exchange Management
  • Microsoft Exchange MTA Stacks
  • Microsoft Exchange routing Engine
  • Microsoft Exchange System Attendant
  • Lotus Domino Services
Log Monitoring and Management
  • Periodic check of event logs and provide fixes to the known errors
Public Folder Management
  • Creation of public folders
  • Provide access rights to specific users and groups
  • Replication monitoring using tools between public folders
  • Fixing known replication errors
BackupM anagement
  • Periodic check of backup logs and address failures due to known errors
  • Backup of mail databases and transaction log files
  • Monitoring the purge of transaction log files after online backup
Support for Spam and Junk e-mails
  • Monitor SMTP logs for known mail patterns and update filters
  • Update filters to restrict mails from bad domains and users
Tier II Support
  • Creation of scripts or batch files to automate administrative tasks
  • Creation of SMTP connectors for pushing mails to specific relay servers or domains
  • Creation of routing connectors between different servers
  • Mail store restorations from backup in case failures
  • Patch upgrades on production system
Tier III Support
  • Messaging system design based on customer requirements
  • Implementing production messaging systems
  • Messaging server platform migration
  • Messaging server migration to higher hardware platforms
  • Messaging server version upgrade