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Database Management
Status Monitoring
  • Database port availability
Performance Monitoring
  • Database port response
  • Database query response
User Management
  • New user creation
  • Assign and revoke privileges and password resets
Log Management
  • Monitor database logs to report and provide fixes to errors
  • Server and error logs
  • Other database specific log files
Space Management
  • Carry out de-fragmentation of database
  • Monitor, analyze and fix unchained rows of user tables
  • Archive history database and user tables periodically to save space
Object Management
  • Creation of new database instances and tables based on requests
  • Creation of database links for remote database access
Backup Management
  • Monitor and fix database backup errors
  • Re-run failed backups
Scheduled task Management
  • Monitor scheduled, automated scripts and process includes
  • Daily processing transaction processes
  • Automates scripts which generates daily score card reports
  • Monitor database replication processes and log shipping processes
Patch Management
  • Install all recommended patches
  • Perform regular patch updates and hot fixes based on approval from client
Performance Management
  • Monitor/Analyze and fix performance problems due to high I/O wait, excess swap and physical memory utilization and CPU utilization
Automation and Procedures
  • Write scripts/batch files to automate database administration tasks
  • Review procedures and triggers for efficiency
Release Management
  • Initiate, verify and maintain versions of code/scripts/procedures as per clients’ guidelines and procedures
Problem Management
  • Monitor, record, classify and resolve database problems
  • Carry out comprehensive problem diagnosis and provide root cause reports
  • Start/Stop databases to provide workarounds
  • Change management Identify, record, classify and implement changes on the database on a need basis
  • All changes will be executed after an approval from client
  • Event management reports
  • Performance reports
  • SLA reports