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Network Management

Monitoring and Day-to-day Activities

  • 24X7 monitoring of the Network Device & services Availability as bound by SLAs
  • Configuring thresholds for Router, Switches, Load balancers, WAN Acceleration Devices for CPU usage, memory usage, bandwidth usage, error % and monitoring for the events
  • 24X7 monitoring for any faults (like router outages, link outages, exceeding set thresholds), Back-up link availability testing and monitoring.

Configuration, Troubleshooting and Administration

  • Threshold setting on Performance statistics and alarm generation against any violations.
  • Build and configure resilient connectivity, equipment to handle eventuality & reduce down time, Network Troubleshooting & recovery in case of any outage
  • Performing router, switch, link and modem reconfiguration, Monitor and control configuration aspects like IP address, subnet mask, DNS settings, etc. with proper change management process
  • Monitoring existing IOS & patch installed and managing new IOS upgrades within incubation first before rolling out in production.
  • Creating new users (Administrative and Privileged) and managing them.
  • Tracking Users list monthly and reconciliation to be done to maintain security control.
  • Configuring and managing IPSEC tunnels (site to site and Remote Access VPN).
  • Implement encrypted password management mechanisms on all supported devices
  • Network Device Hardening, Configuration-backup and management, Log Management. WLAN attack detection and Mitigation,
  • WLAN Configuration fine-tuning.