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Accels' Managed Services Group introduces 'Cloudline' which represents the next-generation of cloud computing technology and will forever change the virtual computing landscape.

Customers can acquire a server or business application in minutes, without any capital investment. Cloudline enables management of online infrastructure easier than ever before via a self-service web portal.

    On Demand

    Cloudline offers Infrastructure, Platform and Software -as-a-Service. This means that any infrastructure such as server, storage or network infrastructure can be provisioned in a few minutes securely and confidentially. Payment is as per your services consumed, just like payment for anyother services such as electricity consumption or phone usage.


    Customers' provision only as much as is needed and payment for only what is consumed! Predictability of payment is guaranteed, by setting of limits for usage based on existing requirement / consumption only.

    Control Costs

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    Reliable Service

    The service comes with strict SLAs. Some of the services allow you to select your SLA level - 99.9 to 99.99 %. No more worrying about power outages, UPS break down, Air conditioner malfunction or network connectivity.

    Choose what your business needs, when you need it and pay only for the resources you use.

  • Provision servers or storage on demand
  • Club servers and resources together with ease
  • Select any software from the list and load in minutes
  • Manage resources with friendly tools
  • Add dedicated physical devices, to your virtual devices if needed

Leverage Accel’s Cloudline services for business agility for

  • Setup a private cloud for scalable ERP deployments, without having to worry about new server instance setup - test, Quality - maintain security, while having elastic infrastructure
  • Instant, expandable Storage - temporary and elastic
  • Test a new application for a limited period
  • Scale up or down for seasonal shifts - month-end upload process or quarterly reconciliation
  • Integrate newly acquired business infrastructure
  • Scale up and down, server and computing resources elastically for a short-time


Accel’s Cloudline is a unique service in the sense that it brings together the best of services from multiple service providers including Datacenter providers, Telecom providers, IT infrastructure providers and leverages all of them to provide a truly world-class cloud offering that is tailor made for customer’s requirements.

Added to this is a Accel’s pedigree as a large systems integrator with operation spanning over 2 decades, ensures that customers get to pick and choose the best solution from a best of breed service set.

Added to this is Accel’s Managed Services Operations Center (MSOC), with 24/7 operations to ensure a high-degree of availability and service excellence for all the cloud based offerings of Accel.

  • Virtualization Environment: Multiple virtualization environment, including VMWare, Oracle VM, Hyper V, etc… with partnerships already in place with all principals
  • Multiple Flavors of Infrastructure: Choose from a wide variety of infrastructure and technologies including Microsoft, Oracle, SUN, Linux (OSS), IBM, etc…
  • Multiple layers of Redundancy: with respect to physical infrastructure, network connectivity
  • Tier III or Tier IV Datacenter(s) based Hosting: Carrier neutral hosting, based on best fit for customer requirements
  • Tier 1 Telecom carriers only: Established links to all popular tier 1 Telecom service provider companies

Data Centers

Currently AFL provides hosting from the following locations.

  • Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi - India
  • Atlanta, USA