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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Overview - IaaS

Accel’s Cloudline offering for Infrastructure-as-a-Service includes commissioning, setup and usage of – Virtual private servers (VPS), Private Clouds on Dedicated & Shared infrastructure, Storage as a Service and other specialized services as Warm, cold and Hot DR/BCP solutions on a fully managed, virtual setup.

Accel's Cloudline services for infrastructure, allows customers to setup scalable, elastic IT infrastructure provisioned within a couple of days for their entire IT landscape that includes – server computing resouorces, storage resources, security resources, bandwidth/network resources, etc… .

Given below are Accel’s Cloud-based offerings on the Infrastructure-as-a-Services (IaaS) model:

  • Virtual private servers with dedicated computing powers including assigning of multiple cores, processors, vCPUs, vRAMs and expandable vStorage
  • Private Clouds – On dedicated infrastructure with highly secure configurations behind dedicated and shared firewalls with high level of availability
  • Private Clouds – On shared infrastructure with highly secure configuration behind shared firewall and completely expandable storage and computing power
  • Expandable storage – On shared SAN based devices, giving customer the ability to start small with their storage requirements and scale elastically, based on requirements